How Email2Print works

How does Email2Print work?

Email2Print Workflow

Email2Print does not open any holes in your network. Our Email2Print engine (software) will monitor the assigned mailbox and process each email that comes in. If Email2Print finds a match in the subject line “keyword”, it will provide the service. If the subject line “keyword” does not match any configured service, the email will be deleted.

Email2Print does not require network changes nor special print queues.

The Email2Print Engine is where the magic happens.

Email2Print® offers some pretty cool features

Settings for all your needs

Email2Print® has a sleek and easy to use UI with multiple options to address all your needs!

Batch Printing included

Email2Print® allows you to print everything within a network folder over email. Ever needed to print 50 PDF files and had to open every single PDF? Not anymore, Kick off the print process with an email!

Email Notification Templates

Email2Print® allows you to setup custom email notifications per printer or even by "keyword". You are able to provide the proper message to  your users or guests on success or even on errors!  A true all in one solutions for everyone. Internal user had an issue, email reply "contact the support center".  Guest had an issue, email reply "good luck" 🙂

Secure Print Release

Email2Print® can hold your print job until you release it by clicking on the secure email sent to you or visiting your secure website and entering the code. Nice!

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